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FCI or AKC, how do they compare?

FCI versus AKC, who is the best? Well, this is not the question you need to ask yourself as they equivalent organizations with few differences. The biggest difference is that AKC is a registration organization for the dogs that are in United Stated while FCI - World Canine Organization includes 84 different countries. Many countries have their own registrations and as long as they under FCI ruling and regulations they will be honored in any other countries that are members of FCI.

From what I have learned AKC has much stronger presence in United States. Many people mistakenly believe that the dog is purebred only when registered with AKC. This may not be the case. However, with all its problems, AKC is the most recognized kennel club in US.

If the puppy is imported or comes from foreign bloodline, you want to make sure the Export pedigree papers you will be getting are filed with FCI. (Elitebully does it automatically) That way you can breed and show your dog in any of the 84 countries that are members of FCI. AKC recognizes FCI registration and will allow you to register you puppy with AKC based on the FCI registration document. It is a very fast and simple process and you should not have any problems getting your bully "Dual Registered". At least none of Elitebully's customers ever had. If you decide to do that, you can breed or show your dog all over the world.

Whether you are looking to purchase a puppy that will become a loving member of your family, or if you are a breeder trying to make a nice addition to your breeding stock you should know that any puppy you get from Elitebully.com (even imported, FCI) can be registered with AKC if you desire. Keep in mind that elitebully only offers pureblood English Bulldogs that come from very strong mostly Champion Bloodlines, and you will be able to see that on the pedigree papers you will receive.

EliteBully deal with both the AKC and the FCI. We would not try to persuade you to go with either or both clubs, that is decision you will make for yourself based on your plans for your dog. As a piece of advice, I recommend to go ahead and get an AKC registration done, once you will receive FCI papers, if you are planning to breed or show the dog. If you are just looking for a family member, you may not even need the registration papers at all.

It is important to mention that processing pedigree papers and registering puppies with FCI does take time. On average it takes about 16 weeks from the day we request the registration papers to the time we receive an actual document, but it may take longer (up to 8 months ) . Unfortunately, once the registration request is out and the processing fee is paid, there is nothing we can do to speed up the process and just have to wait for papers to arrive. We receive processed documents on bi weekly basis and send them out to each customer with a proper tracking. We do guarantee every customer who requested the registration papers to receive them as promised before ever need them for show or breeding.

Transferring your FCI pedigree papers to AKC is a very fast and easy process. All you got to do is fill out this form and send it to AKC together with a copy of FCI pedigree and some current pictures of the dog. Instructions and details could be found on the last page of the form. For our customer's convenience we always include properly filled out AKC form in a package mailed together with an original FCI pedigree papers. We do it on every deal regardless of the fact. The registration process with AKC takes about 2- 3 weeks and unlike FCI you can always call them about the status of your application.

Elitebully has a lot of very happy families with Bulldogs gotten from us over the last couple of years. All the people requested Pedigree papers have received them (on time or with delay) and were able to register their four legged friends with AKC, show or breed. Our reputation proves it, and if you are waiting for your pedigree documents please be patient with us. We understand the importance of having this document and will provide it to you as soon as it will get properly processed, recorded, printed and delivered to us.

We not going to tell you that you need to purchase your puppy only from us as every puppy has a unique appeal that can be more or less desirable for you. What we can advice is to make sure to choose a "Bully" breed as they are the most sweetest pets you will every find and once you own one you will never do without one again, this we guarantee. Please consider www.EliteBully.com as your source for a healthy, well build and very good looking purebred English Bulldog.

We are here to help, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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