This section was developed to answer frequently asked questions we get all the time. If your question is not answered please give us a call or send an e-mail to us.

Phone number:  (817) 812 -4757
Fax number: (817) 549-2201

You can also send a message via a contact form listed on our Contact Us Page.

Unless marked OBO, prices are non-negotiable, and are set based on our assessment of what their puppies are worth. Prices are not based on size or weight, but the value assigned to a puppy. We do not take trades. We value and appreciate loyalty and trust in our bullies so discounts are available on buying more than one puppy at a time or to return customers.

A deposit of $300 will hold the puppy of your choice until he/she is ready to come home to you, or until you are ready to recieve the puppy. The remaining balance can be paid withing a week but not after 5 business days before the puppy is getting shipped. ALL PUPPY DEPOSIT'S ARE NON-REFUNDABLE UNLESS PUPPY IS FOUND NOT TO MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS at the time of the arrival, OR PUPPY IS FOUND UNACCEPTABLE FOR ADOPTION. In these cases buyer can choose to apply deposit to another puppy or get a full refund.

NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN FOR "CHANGE OF MIND" !!! Puppies cannot be held without a deposit. The best way to insure you have secured the puppy is to send us the deposit. If you get here and feel that the puppy is not what you were looking for, we will gladly refund your deposit. It is most important that you are happy with your puppy and he/she is place in a loving and caring environment.

Delivery / Shipping
We ship throughout the USA, Canada and worldwide to selected international airports. Those airports are:

Atlanta, Miami, Denver, Memphis, Minneapolis, Chicago,
Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston,
Washington, Houston, Dallas, New York, Newark, Toronto and Vancouver.

Shipping cost and all aplicable shipping and handling fees are already included in the total price. Our shipping fees include airfare plus tax and any security fees, and the fee for the puppy's health certificate (an airline requirement). I addition we provide a Comfortable Portable Kennel to accommodate the puppy through the flight.

The process of preparing a puppy for shipping within the USA or to Canada can take from 3-7 days (Vet check, health certificate, paperwork and shipping arrangements). We usually have flexibility and arrange with our customers what date would work better for them to receive the puppy.

You'll have to travel to the nearest major airport to pick up the puppy, but the entire process is simple and easy whether you live in the USA or CANADA. Pups travel in pressurized compartments and breath the same air that the flight crew and passengers do. If a Customer requests same day delivery and it is available (delivery within 24 hours or less of ordering), a fee will apply and be based on expedited delivery cost.

The health of our puppies are our main concern and sometimes delay in shipping may occur due to reasons beyond our control, this is not grounds for a refund. Puppy will be released or sent to buyer only when sellers veterinarian give there approval to do so. If delay goes over 29 days of promised delivery day a complete refund will be given at buyers request (have never happened yet). To learn more about the Shipping detail please go back to Delivery Section,

Where do you get your dogs from?
Elitebully is not a broker or reseller of puppies from other breeders like many other web sites out there. We will not offer a puppy for sale if we are not sure that the puppy comes from a strong, genetically clean bloodline. As a result a chance of you getting a puppy with genetic problems are slim to none. Some of our puppies are getting imported from our family owned kennel in Europe. Not every puppy of the litter is getting imported, only the best of the best quality puppies with a lot of potentials and bright future affront of them. We have over 16 years of experience dealing with English Bulldogs and are very carefully selecting who we breed our dogs to. As a result we get healthy, good looking puppies that bring a lot of joy and happiness to our customers. On occasion we will deal with other reputable breeders in Europe and offer their puppies for sale. Once again we make sure ( several vet checks during the sale process) that the puppy is healthy and can be warranted by our company. The breeding is strictly regulated in United States and other countries. A record is also kept of the number of litters from that breeder in order to prevent over-breeding. It is also necessary to mentioned than in Europe they have higher breeding standards; therefore, you often get a better quality of dogs.

Registration Papers
Any dog we have listed on can be registered with AKC. All of our imported dogs are registered with FCI, the European equivalent of AKC. For an extra $150 we can get all the registration paperwork and the official pedigree. Once you get those documents you can easily duel registered any of our puppies with AKC. The puppies we offer are best of the best quality, health and temperament, meeting and a lot of times exceeding, all the American Standards, so our customers have never had any problems registering any of our puppies with AKC. Please let us know if you are planning on doing it and we will gladly fill out all the necessary paperwork for "AKC Foreign Dog Registration" and send it to you together with Pedigree papers. For more info please go to Registration Section

Puppy is a living thing
You are not purchasing an item, you are purchasing an alive animal that will become a part of your home. Please be sure that your new family member will be welcomed by everyone in your household. Our goal is to find a perfect household for our Bully and great new family member for you and not just to sell you a pet. Please think before you adopt an animal.

Our puppies are given a full health examination by a State Licensed Veterinarian during the first eight weeks of life. If they are imported than they get checked both in Europe several times and here in US. Before you receive your puppy it gets all necessary Shots, Examinations, and also de-wormed.

This certifies that the puppy is healthy at the time of sale. A lot of the future health and happiness of your animal in your hands. Because no one can predict the future health or life span of any living thing, all sales are final and any illnesses or other problems that may develop later become your responsibility once you pick up or accept delivery of the puppy, unless found to be a genetic problem and covered by Assurance Program. We take responsibility for the pup's health during shipping and the 5 day following period that you will have to take the puppy to your Veterinary. Please note that predicted weights are estimates based on growth charts. We make no promise of what a pup will actually weigh fully grown. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I get my bulldog look like one of your studs ?
The way your bulldog will look like depend on the quality of the bloodline the puppy comes from and the treatment he or she receives from you. We post a picture of the father for every puppy offered for sale so that you can get an idea what to expect. Feeding your dog a well balanced diet will do the other part. Besides that I would highly recommend all the dog owners to have their four legged friends on NuVet Plus. We have all of our adults and puppies on this great nutritional supplement ! Keeping you Bully Healthy
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