We are committed to complete customer satisfaction and even if you decide to adopt a puppy not from our site we want you to be smart and safe.

1. See if the site has phone numbers, call them just to make sure. If the seller insists on email only. Move on, it is probably a scam

2. NEVER MAIL CASH. Paying by credit card will offer you protection you deserve. Wiretransfers are also safe way to send the payment.

3. Try to avoid Western Union or Money Gram Transfers (They usually can't be recoursed)

4. Go with your Gut Instinct. If it feels wrong, it probably is.

5. The average price for a good English Bulldog puppy is between 2K & 3K. Not 1K or less.

6. "There are no good deals on English Bulldogs in Nigeria." Move on its a scam.

Every day, Americans receive offers that just sound too good to be true. In the past, these offers came through the mail or by telephone. Now the con artists and swindlers have found a new avenue to pitch their frauds -- the Internet. The on-line scams know no national borders or boundaries; they respect no investigative jurisdictions. But, as with all scamers, they have one objective – to separate you from your money!

Lately we start hearing numerous terrible stories from people that has been scammed while trying to purchase a four legged friend over the internet. I guess scam artists have entered this neck of the woods as well. They register easy to remember domain names, build somewhere similar web sites and post the pictures stolen from legitimate breeders/sellers. Then, they usually set very low prices and advertise the web site to the general public. Unfortunately, it s not that easy to point and pick those criminals out, but I am sure authorities are doing the best they can with the resources they got. There are a few things we can do on our end, as a legitimate business owners and as a customers to protect ourselves and each other.

This section of the site was developed to arm you with information so you don’t fall victim to these Internet scam artists. Education, good judgment, and a healthy dose of skepticism are the best defenses against becoming a victim. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Advices For Buyers:
There are a few simple tips on how to protect yourself from online fraud that we believe should prevent you from falling into ruthless hands of scam artists. Please read them on the left side of this page (in white). Also read information below.

* Paying for your puppy with a credit card will give you the best protection out there.  Credit card companies have a fraud prevention departments and policies to shield you. It is much easier to recoup your losses through them if you will never receive a puppy. Do not send money western union or money gram unless you sure that you deal with the reputable seller. Try to avoid wire transfers outside of United States. Be real, Mr. Abukka from Africa will not send you the puppy that he sold you for $1000.

* At one time in a course of communication try to have a phone conversation with the seller.  If the seller is not calling you back or refuse to provide their phone number, move on no matter how good the deal looks like.

* Try to pick up the puppy if you are within driving distance especially if the seller is not able to fulfill your request on points listed above. If you are going to pick up the puppy in person, initially leave a deposit only. You can bring the rest with you in cash after you have seen the puppy.

Make sure the contact information of the seller is easy to find on the website. Any legitimate seller will put it right affront of your face making it easy for you to contact him/her. Also try to deal with sellers that take pride in their business and invest their time and money in building a well designed and organized web site. If they invested time and money to build a well designed and easy to navigate website, they care about their business and you get better chances getting a good puppy form someone like that.

* I have seen other seller advising potential buyers to ask sellers to take a picture with the puppy they are thinking to get accompanied by a note showing the name of the buyer and the date the picture was taken. That can be a good idea, but I would not rely on it. With today’s technology it will not be difficult to Photoshop this information in the picture. Also if the puppy is still available, the scamer can ask the legitimate seller to do that for him/her and forward you the picture so that you can place the payment.  

* Check the person you are about to deal with out but do not get discouraged if you find some negative comments about the seller. Sometimes it means that they have been in this business long enough to have some of those " impossible to please" customers. Every legitimate breeder/seller understand that our reputation is the most valuable asset we got and the best marketing tool we have and will do everything to please their customers. However, we all know that some people are unreasonable or impossible to please no matter what you do, or fail to educate themselves about bulldog or realize what having a puppy is all about!

* Use your common sense, do research, protect yourself.  

NOTE: There are other web sites that have taken the info and pictures from EliteBully.com. Be careful - it may be scam. If you see another site that have the same pictures, verbiage as listed on EliteBully.com, please let us know! Here is a list of some fraudulent web sites that were mainly already shot down with our help. Unfortunate, most of the scam artist will simply recreate them on the other domain names and set the new traps for potential victims.

The bottom line is that if you deal with a reputable seller/breeder that will provide health warranty, allow you to use your credit card and not afraid to give references of their previous customers or veterinary upon request, you should be in good hands.

Suggestions for my fellow sellers:
I encourage every breeder/seller to put a watermark on every picture of every puppy they advertise on their website. This will not stop but will definitely make it more complicated for scam artists post those pictures as their own. I have received a large number of e-mails and phone calls from people that saw Elitebully printed on the picture of the puppy fraudulently advertise on some of the free listing services. Believe it or not, but some of the scamers are dumb enough to post them just like that which allows people to go to your website and realize the listing was fraudulant.  Call me for help if you do not know how to ad the watermark to your pictures.

Stay in touch with other legitimate English bulldog breeders/sellers to create a community. Together we can achieve much more good for your own business, and help to protect many potential customers not to fall into hands of criminals. We compete on the basis of quality, availability and price among each other, offering our customers great variety and a lot of choices. Scam artists only put a black mark on our business, steal and rob our potential customers, and prevent us from placing our babies in a loving homes of people who can take really good care of them. The may be soon a point where we will either raise as a community or go down as individuals.

Find a professional help to code every page you got on your web site so that it is more difficult to steal, and if stolen there will be the references that will show the path. Every image on your site can also be coded to pint point multiple locations on the internet.

Let your visitors know about those fake web sites and teach them how to protect themselves so that buyers will be more careful in their online search for a perfect addition to their family.  

Scam artists usually copy someone’s information, verbiage, pictures as it is much easier than to write their own. Encourage your visitors let you know if they seen the exact verbiage you have on your website anywhere else.     

We are here to help you with any questions. Just please keep in mind that we are in TX, on  GMT central time.

Call: 817-812-4757

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