Before you adopt a puppy from us you must understand our policies regarding Deposits, Payment, Shipping and Registration of our puppies. When you place a deposit it is assumed that you have read and understand the information provided! No refunds or waivers will be given to you because you claim to have not read this info or suddenly changed your mind!

All of our puppies advertised on come with 3 days No Question ask return policy, 5 days to have the puppy inspected by your veterinary to verify good health, and 1 year health guarantee, unless specifically indicated otherwise. There are no breeding limitations and we do not claim any ownership on future litters from the puppy you purchased from us. We feel that once this puppy will become a part of your family, it will be your decision weather to show, breed, or spay/neuter the animal. An official Pedigree papers showing 3 generations of bloodline on both SIRE and DAM side can be ordered for a small extra fee if needed !

ontact us with any questions

Call: 817-812-4757

Just please keep in mind that we are in TX, on GMT central time.

Do not wait until the last moment to place a deposit, secure your baby early.


Theo was born 05/15/2012 and there is no doubt in our mind that he will grow up an entreamly wonderful boy. Those pictures were taken when he was around 4 weeks and you already can see how increadibly this boy is going to be as an adult. His elegent marking make him stand out of the crowd and his very sweet personality make you want to grab him, give him a hug and keep him on your arms all the time. Even at such a small age this boy shows to be very responsive and smart. Very active but not a trouble maker. Please give us a call at 817-247-8916 if you have any interest fo Theo to become a part of your family.


Do not wait until the last moment to place a deposit, secure your baby early.
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