HAPPY CUSTOMERS = Referrals + Return Business

Elitebully is so confident in high quality, excellent health, and good temperament of our puppies that we are offering 3 DAYS RETURN POLICY at no additional cost to our customers.   That is exactly right, if you are not happy with your puppy, you can ship him/her back to us for a full refund. We will gladly reimburse you for the total amount you have paid + shipping of the puppy to you + pedigree papers (if you requested them). All you will be out is the $ to get the puppy back to us.

Why do we do that?

We understand that buying a puppy over the internet, unseen, when there is so much fraud going on, can be frightening experience for many of us.   In addition, many thought of “what if” crossing  one’s mind before placing a deposit. What if the puppy I am buying will arrive sick, what if I will get a different puppy, what if there are some major problems with the dog, what if my other dog or cat will have a problem with the new bully, what if this puppy have some aggression issues.  All of those questions are valid when you are trying to get a new pet.  At Elitebully we want all of our customers to be happy so we have address those issues for you by providing 3 days no question asked returned policy, so you will feel safe and confident dealing with us.  
We know that our English bulldog puppies are some of the best looking, healthiest purebred puppies you can possibly find.  They all have been constantly checked for any possible health issues and up to date on all the shots and dewormings.  In addition, our puppies come from genetically clean parents, so a chance of you getting a puppy with any kind of genetic problems are slim to none.  For your peace of mind you will get a 1 YEAR Health guarantee with any of our puppies. 

What guarantees exactly I am getting from Elitebully?

1. We will allow you to make a payment with your credit card which will provide you a full protection against online fraud.

2. You will receive a 1 Year Health Guarantee on any puppy against life threatening genetic problems.

3. You will have 3 days from the time you received the puppy to return him or her for a full refund.  

4. You will have a chance to take your new puppy to the veterinary of your choice for an independent opinion that the puppy is healthy and does not have any concernes. This is mainly for your peace of mind as we will never send you a dog with a problem !!!

Those protections together with our strong and solid reputation should give you all the confidence in the world that you will be happy dealing with us.

After all this been said the only question you should have “What if this is all true and I will get this sweet, beautiful, and healthy puppy I see on their website and will be very happy for many years to come”. Than, you will become a proud member of our Elitebully family and, just like everyone of our customers,  you will be able to experience first hand a joy and happiness of having an Elite quality, healthy English Bulldog.

How can I be sure that what you are saying is true?

You do not have to take our word for it, just check our customer feedback section and you will see that after many years in business placing puppies in good homes we have made a lot of families happy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions

Call: 817-812-4757

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